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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Puns for Titles are So Lame

Baseball Widow was devastated when Max Kellerman got the boot from Around the Horn and PTI's Stat Boy stole the gig. Baseball Widow likes Stat Boy--when he's running stats, not when he's ruining one of the most original sports shows on TV.

Kellerman's new show, I, Max, premieres May 10 on Fox Sports Net, and, despite the lame title, Baseball Widow will be happy to have Max back.

Here are three reasons you should be psyched, too:

1. Max Kellerman has an ego to rival Baseball Widow's. That's pretty impressive.

2. Max Kellerman knows his stuff, and he's an Ivy League grad to boot. (Max and Baseball Hubby share Columbia University in the City of New York as their alma mater.)

3. Max Kellerman has the same name as the resort owner in Dirty Dancing.

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