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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Not Exactly Disneyland

Baseball Widow doesn't like to brag. She prefers to boast--it sounds much more dignified. And, as long as we're talking about how wonderful Baseball Widow is, Baseball Widow would like to share one of the many adventures she has had since becoming a widow almost three years ago.

I like to call this little story "What I Did on My Husband's Summer Vacation."

Last summer, Hubby and I set off on a road trip. The itinerary looked like this:

Day 1St. LouisReds v. Cardinals
Day 3ChicagoTour Wrigley Field
Day 5ClevelandA's v. Indians
Day 6PittsburghCubs v. Pirates
Day 8CincinnatiBraves v. Reds

We also managed to visit the St. Louis Zoo, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Cedar Point and King's Island amusement parks, and see some events with the Chicago Comedy Festival.
Did I mention that we were camping and that it was 40 degrees?
Busy trip, here are the highlights. . .

Best ParkPNC - On the river, and everyone walks across the bridge en masse
Best Moment (Hubby)Catching a batting practice ball at PNC
Best Moment (Widow)You mean besides seeing Javy Lopez? Okay, seeing Javy Lopez hit two homers, and seeing the Braves win (a first for the Baseball Widow).
Best GameA’s v Indians - Our best seats and a nail biter to boot
Best FoodGino's East Pizza in Chicago or The Thurman Cafe in Columbus, OH

This year, Baseball Widow planned the vacation; we leave for Walt Disney World in ten days. Somehow, I'm sure I'll come back and tell you all about Disney's Wide World of Sports complex. . . you know, where the Braves train.

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