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Saturday, April 17, 2004

They have the Internet on computers now

D'oh! How did Baseball Widow not know this?

The Florida Marlins' AAA affiliate in Albuquerque, NM, is none other than the Albuquerque Isotopes. The nickname stems from "Hungry Hungry Homer," an episode of The Simpsons in which the Duff Beer Company threatens to move the Isotopes, Springfield's minor league team, to (where else?) Albuquerque.

Baseball Widow and Hubby are huge fans of The Simpsons, as are most people with brains and TVs. And Baseball Widow doesn't want any crap about how you used to like them, but the last few seasons have been bad. That line is tired, in addition to being wrong. Don't get me started on psychological feedback loops and misplaced nostalgia.

As if reference to nuclear energy weren't a controversial enough nickname, Tampa Bay's new AA team attacks another controversial subject: carbohydrates. Eschewing the low-carb life, the Montgomery (Alabama) Biscuits, have opened their inaugural season, and they just might steal the best logo title away from the Augusta GreenJackets.

And did you hear? Minor league baseball will also open in Japan next year, when the Biscuits will take on the Ham-Fighters. . .that's a match-up Baseball Hubby is already salivating over.

Baseball Widow loves minor league baseball. First and foremost because she can afford good seats. Second, it's cool to check out prospects or check in on re-habbing names. Third, there's something intimate and exciting about a minor league game--as if, at any moment, a star might be made in front of your eyes.

Speaking of minor league ball, Baseball Widow will be heading to a Tennessee Smokies game soon. Last year Rick Ankiel was trying to get things under control with the St. Louis AA team. The night I saw him pitch, he appeared frustrated with the game--as if baseball had become a chore. Ankiel should try being married to Baseball Hubby.

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