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Friday, April 09, 2004

Not Your Everyday Blog

Baseball Widow would like to begin this post by issuing a public thank you to everyone for being so supportive of this site since its debut just a couple of months ago. Baseball Widow is particularly flattered by the sites that have chosen to link here. I also apologize that I don't update my own links more frequently because there are a lot of great blogs (and people) out there whose work deserves recognition.

Baseball Widow was recently added as a link on the Reds Daily page. She appears under the title of "Semi-Daily" reads, and Baseball Widow thinks that sounds about right.

I know I don't update as frequently as some, but I hope that my posts are thoughtful and thought-provoking. (If they're not, please let me know!) Because my posts are sporadic, many of you may not be in the habit of stopping by daily. That's cool--you should spend that time reading some of the other amazing stuff out there, or, hey, even watching a game.

Baseball Widow doesn't want to be your everyday blog, but do drop in once or twice week 'cause you never know what Candi's cooking.

Tomorrow Baseball Widow will return to a familiar topic, and on Sunday we'll discuss a special Easter treat. Hope you'll come back.

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