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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Leftover Easter Candi

Thought I'd start to catch up on the posts that I promised last week. . .

Baseball Widow celebrated Easter by purchasing "Baseball Oreos"--five different baseball-themed designs on the cookies plus the chance to "Take the Field with A-Rod." Baseball Widow was amused and a little concerned at the tagline "You can lick, twist, and dip with A-Rod." That kind of language seems much more suited to banter on the Eye-Candies site than to a product marketed at kids.

Check out the Oreo's website, though, for all sorts of goodies about the contest--like the section on "A-Rod's Tips and Tricks." Baseball Widow's favorite is number 8: when batting, wear a batting helmet. That A-Rod. . .you can't pull anything over on him.

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