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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

One final word
One more installment regarding the Patrick/Dibble conversation, and I'm done.

Barry Bonds reportedly doesn't give hitting advice to anyone. . . can't risk that anyone might become as good as he, I suppose.

Actually, Baseball Widow is going to come down on Barry's side on this one. He trains hard--ask Gary Sheffield, himself a superior athlete who could barely keep up when they trained together a couple of off-seasons ago. Any tips, tricks, or secrets that Barry might discover during the process are certainly well-deserved. It probably is unreasonable to expect him to just give them away to anyone who asks. As I said before, you don't have to be bff.

Clearly, something about the ESPN News conversation struck a nerve with Baseball Widow; I've devoted three posts to it now. I think it comes down to that grade-school mentality--the seriously misplaced idea that you can better yourself by mistreating others. All's fair in love and war, guys, but this is baseball, so let's work hard, play nice, and concentrate our negative energy on overthrowing Bud Selig.

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