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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's about time. . .

Baseball Widow apologizes from the bottom of her Hubby-lovin' heart: sorry I didn't get this up yesterday as promised.

If you'll recall Thursday's discussion, conveniently located two posts down, Baseball Widow was reflecting upon comments by Dan Patrick and Rob Dibble. I think I've sufficiently covered my opinions of men who could be so childish as to intentionally give bad advice. A topic left open, however, is that of the veterans who might eschew proffering bad advice but still go out of their way to be unhelpful.

Roger Clemens: only hangs with pitchers. Claims it would be hard to pitch with all his glowering glory if he actually liked a batter, especially one who had been a former teammate. Excuse me? Are we in middle school? Roger, Baseball Widow knows it's tough. One day you're teammates, hanging in the hotel, watching Days of our Lives. The next day the tradewinds fly your little friend to another team. But Rodge, you can play on opposite teams and still be friends. You don't have to be bff (that's best friends forever, for those of you who were never middle-school-aged girls), but the next time you're facing Mike Piazza, give him a smile, maybe a little wink, you never know. . . you don't play together, but maybe you could be penpals.

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