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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A few good men who are easy on the eyes

It wasn't easy, but it's done. Baseball Widow's fantasy draft list is complete.

The Process
Baseball Widow chose five players at most positions, ten pitchers, and ten outfielders. These players comprise the master list that I will use to draft players for The Eye Candies, who I'll field in a Yahoo public league. I'll post more compete info later, so you can follow them all season long.

When evaluating the players, I tried to view at least two pictures. During the first review, each player received a thumbs up or thumbs down. Those who made it through the first round went unranked into the final round, where upon a second viewing, they received either a numerical rating of 1-5 or were booted from the team. Players who had been nominated by other readers received heightened consideration, and were favored in the case of a tie.

The Factors
Without getting into the semantics of attractive versus handsome, or cute versus hot, suffice it to say that all of the athletes who made the team would catch your eye on the street. Cuteness is subjective, of course, but there are some universal truths in the world; one of those is that Javy Lopez is built like a god.

Typically, players with facial hair were immediately disfavored. Mustaches were almost always an automatic out. This, of course, made picking pitchers an extremely difficult task. Some exceptions to the facial hair ban did slip through, however. When this happened, it was either because I was able to find a picture of the player sans facial hair, or the rest of the pool for that position was very weak.

The Help
Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions. Thanks also to, who has an amazing collection of photos; their votes for the hottest player on each team were duly noted. And, of course, thanks to Baseball Hubby. More on that below.

The Highlights
Believe me, there were some surreal moments during the process. The best moment was courtesy of Baseball Hubby who, upon seeing Outsports's vote for hottest Florida player, remarked, "Luis Castillo? There's no way he's the cutest Marlin!" As usual, Baseball Hubby was right.

The Reveal
Throughout the next week, I will reveal the players, one position at a time. After that, I will post a link to a new blog that will be dedicated to the fantasy team. Baseball Hubby will be posting a statistical analysis of the team, examining the correlation between cuteness and baseball ability.


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