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Monday, March 08, 2004

If God had wanted men to have facial hair, He wouldn't have invented razors.

Ah, pitchers. . . They may call it a team sport, but you and you alone bear the outcome in the form of an official stat. It's a heavy burden, I know. The face that you put forth on the mound must intimidate from sixty feet away.

Baseball Widow understands the need to look like a bad-ass, but facial hair? There's got to be a better way, guys. So many of you could have made the team, if only you'd get those whiskers under control.

Mark Mulder (Oakland)
Tim Hudson (Oakland)
Eric Milton (Philadelphia)
Tim Wakefield (Boston)
Scott Erikson (Baltimore)

Brad Lidge (Houston)
Octavio Dotel (Houston)
Jaret Wright (Atlanta)
Steve Karsay (New York Yankees)
Rob Nen (San Fran)

Baseball Widow didn't differentiate between middle relief and closers because mustaches are really ugly, and I reached my tolerance for this category very quickly.

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