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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

That's Hamtastic!

Baseball Widow is intrigued by Japanese baseball, where the teams are named for their corporate sponsors. For example, the Nippon Ham Company owns a team called the Nippon Ham Fighters. It's kinda funny, though, linguistically at least--the idea of Ham Fighters. Why are they fighting the ham? And, does this assume that the ham is capable of fighting back? 'Cause otherwise it seems a little unfair.

(Incidentally, Baseball Widow and Hubby have both worked at The Honeybaked Ham Company at some point in their careers, so we have a very clear picture of how ham fighting might unfold.)

Imagine if this kind of corporate sponsorship happened in the United States. What if in Atlanta, home of the Coca-Cola Company, the Coke Fiends took the field?

Nerd Alert: By the way kids, if you enjoy the humor of the English language, I encourage you to check out the works of Richard Lederer.

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