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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Seriously, Baseball Widow Really Doesn't Hate the Yankees

How many times this week have you heard about how the Yankees "signed" A-Rod? I'm sure it's been a lot. How many times have you grimmaced at the utter inability of the media to grasp even the most basic of facts about this story? I hope it's been a lot.

I know this is a small matter, but A-Rod was traded, not signed. What difference does this make? Probably very little to the average person with a passing interest in sports watching the Today show before work. Baseball Widow isn't the average person, however, and neither are you.

There are two problems with media reports that reference the signing of A-Rod. First, it displays the media's obsession with story spin. They want the story to be "Yankees Purchase God, Lease World Series Title until the Return of Christ." Big money squashing the little guy is a story; baseball teams trading players is a transaction--might as well list it in the Lifestyles section with the engagements. To use the phrase "traded" connotes the fairness of the process, and heaven forbid that the Yankees be accused of playing fair.

The second problem lies outside the world of baseball. Sure, it's a little fact that's being misreported. Now I know that I can't rely on the media for accurate reporting about Baseball. What else is being reported inaccurately? What else in the media can't we rely on?

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