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Sunday, February 22, 2004

A Fantasy League of Her Own

Last year, Baseball Hubby won his public fantasy baseball league by a healthy margin. He took the lead on April 21 (conveniently, his birthday), and never looked back. Baseball Hubby thinks he's very smart.

Baseball Widow has always been amused by fantasy baseball. . . real baseball isn't enough? Still, it's impressive to watch the dedication with which fantasy managers pursue their dreams. Therefore, this year, Baseball Widow will field a fantasy team of her own.

Baseball Widow was beginning the process of researching her draft picks when she realized that there's something wrong about judging a person just by what's written on a piece of paper. Don't we dehumanize the game when we reduce a player to some statistics on a page, when we assign a human being a numerical representation of his worth? You can't spell manager without looking at the man. Therefore, Baseball Widow has decided to chuck the numbers and field a team comprised of baseball's cutest players. Let's make it a real fantasy team. Of course, Baseball Widow's number one pick will be Javy Lopez.

Baseball Widow invites others to write and suggest draft picks. Paul DePodesta might be axing the Dodgers' scouts, but scouting is alive and well for Baseball Widow. Yes, it will be a tough thing: to look (im)passionately at thousands of athletes, to scrutinize and sort the qualified, to cut those who ultimately aren't fantasy material. We're talking about hours and hours of reviewing pictures and file footage. . .

Fantasy Baseball. . . Baseball Widow is starting to see what the fuss is all about.

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