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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Check's in the Email (Again)

Thought I'd dust off (and edit) this post from last year 'cause it bears repeating. . .

Hey, Baseball Musings is doing a funds drive this month, and you should contribute. Why? Funny you should ask, because Baseball Widow has compiled the top five reasons why you should help David Pinto out.

1. If you like Baseball Widow, you should contribute, because Baseball Widow gets all her news from Pinto.

2. If you like having Baseball Musings as a free resource, you should contribute. No one would be happy if Pinto went to a subscription-only service, least of all Baseball Widow, who occasionally receives a respite from Baseball Hubby's obsession when he takes time to read what David has to say.

3. You don't really need a venti frappuchino this week. Make it a tall; donate the difference. That's all it takes.

4. If you're scared of the IRS or of hackers, you should contribute, 'cause Pinto's a genius with numbers, and if he ever turned to the dark side, we could all be in trouble.

5. Pinto's a Harvard grad, and everyone knows Harvard grads need more cash.

But, seriously, folks, you should read more here, and then you should at least consider donating. (Hey, Baseball Widow makes it a policy to consider just about everything.)

And then, if you get money-happy, send Baseball Widow a check too. :)

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