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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Playing Favorites -- Part II

Well, as long as we're talking about favorites, I'll go ahead and tell you of my two favorite players of all-time: Dale Murphy and John Smoltz. One from each era of my baseball fan-dom, the years the Braves couldn't see first place with a telescope, and the years when it seemed as if they had a get-in-free card to the post season.

We hope to be posting a bit more on the Murph as Hall of Fame season gets going. For now, however, I'm celebrating the news that my favorite current player looks as if he's headed back to the starting rotation. As good as Smoltzie has been as the Braves' closer these last few years, his true place is as a starter. He should pitch more innings, which is a good thing for your best pitcher to be doing, and, as far as I'm concerned, saves are overrated. I hope this stratagem works for the team. Welcome is in order to Dan Kolb, the Braves' new closer (the guy, it seems, that is allowing Smoltz to start again). Goodbye and good luck to Jose Capellan, the prospect who netted Mr. Kolb.

One other happy side affect of this deal is that it seems that the Marcus Giles trade rumors are dead. This is good, as I didn't want Baseball Widow to have to boycott the 2005 season (which would severely limit my ability to not boycott it.)

Here's to the good ole days -- Smoltz on the hill, Julio at first, Giles around the keystone, Andruw in center . . . do you think Murphy could un-retire and fill our need in right?

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