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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Error in judgment

Are Tim McCarver and Joe Buck stupid, blind, or racist?

Seriously, this is a question not a statement. Game one of the World Series is on right now and these two are just about ruining it for me with their idiocy.

The thing that makes me the maddest is their treatment of Manny Ramirez. Now, I love Manny. Not only is he one of the most talented hitters in the game, but he's a happy man, and he loves baseball.

Last half inning Manny was charged with two errors, the first on a throw that looked like it nailed Marquis at the plate, and the second on a sliding attempt where his spikes stuck in the turf. That's tough luck, and maybe an error needs to be charged. But I think if this happens to any other player the announcers show sympathy. Not for Manny. For him it is "a major league error" to quote the melodramatic McCarver.

I don't want to accuse anyone of racism -- that's a serious accusation that shouldn't be used lightly. But it seems to me that mainstream journalists are consistently harsher on certain black athletes. When Manny celebrates a hit he's lazy, not enthusiastic. When Barry Bonds is gruff with the media he's surly, not colorful. I recall that Ted Williams was a major league ass to the media, and he's venerated.

Maybe this is just my perception. But the Sox just won the game, and I wonder . . . will the story be that the Sox won with 2 RBI from Manny or in spite of his 2 errors?


Anonymous said...

Definitely, Hub...

I listen to McCarver and Buck all of the time and many of their comments are personal in nature and simply a matter of opinion.

Tim McCarver is so ignorant and clearly a bigot if not an all ot racist. He is always running his mouth spewing negativity when it comes to the black athlete. That's why back in the day Deion Sanders drenched him with several buckets of water when he was in the Braves clubhouse after they had won the series.

Just because Deion played a football game earlier that day and decided to play in the baseball game later that evening he decided to extensively blast th guy on air as being selfish, ruining the game, etc.

Four quarters in the NFL followed by nine innings in the MLB is not selfish. If anything he should have been praising the guy for actually earning his pay.

I cannot stand McCarver and Buck is not one of my favorites either. They cannot simply commentate in an informative, unbiased manner. It's actually funny because they probably think that most people are in agreement with them and that no one realizes what their problem really is.

JMH in Texas

Michael J. Ward said...

This is a beautiful city, but the racial difference needs plenty of work.Unfortunately, people are products of bad genes, it's like being mad at someone because they are limited... Stupid etc environment..dilerence good movie reference ..