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Friday, July 02, 2004

Summer Reading

Baseball Hubby filling in for The Widow this fine Friday evening . . . .

Baseball Widow and Hubby have great summer jobs -- we work for Duke University teaching gifted students who really love to learn. The students at this program, having devoted a major chunk of their summer to schooling, often refer to it as "nerd camp." Baseball Hubby has always looked at his own nerd-dom in a positive way, so he's happy to share his latest nerdy summer reading, The Neyer/James guide to Pitchers.

This great book arrived (pre-ordered) a few days ago, and I've been trying to find excuses to paw through it since I got it out of the box. This looks to be another fantastic book from two of Baseball's best (and nerdiest) writers. In its pages are the arcane history of pitches like the shine ball, the Foshball, and the inshoot.

The Widow always becomes particularly annoyed when I acquire a new baseball text. Suddenly I'm 12 years old and being compelled to turn the lamp off, quit reading, and go to sleep. I'd better hurry up and post this so I can get some reading time in before bed-check.

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