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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Like Logic Off a Kruk's Back
I think the Widow has already spoken of John Kruk, but the man is so bad he deserves another rant.
Did anyone else notice that Peter Gammons was laughing at Kruk's asinine remarks last night on Baseball Tonight?

Does anyone actually like this guy, or did he just strong-arm his way through the interview process? Because that's certainly how he handles the show; He just steamrolls through the opinions of the more seasoned commentators. One example is his argument last night that Juan Pierre is more valuable to his team than is Barry Bonds. At one point he supported this reasoning with the idea that a Bonds home run only scores one run, but when Juan Pierre hits a single, he increases the likelihood that multiple runs can score. First of all, a run at the plate is worth more than a runner on first base. Beyond that, Kruk makes the simpleton's mistake of assuming Bonds's entire worth is in his home run potential. If he were a one-dimensional player, there would be none of the suggestions that he's the greatest player ever.

Though Kruk seems impervious to logic, here's a stat that easily deflates his half-cocked theory. Juan Pierre has been on base 34 times this season, with 26 hits and 8 walks. Barry Bonds matches that in walks alone--32 walks, in addition to 9 homers and 5 doubles. Even if on base percentage is all it takes to be great, Pierre is way outclassed by Bonds.

Guys like Kruk are enough to make me long for the brainless babble of Erin Andrews. What the Kruk?

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